Yes, I want to win a Miche Bag

Shop With Me Mama is giving away a Miche Bag!

I have been seeing these all over the place and even saw a show on MSNBC about how Miche Bags came to be.  It was really neat – all started by a mom who spilled something on her purse.

I love bags and purses – and really want a Miche bag for my collection.  You can enter to win here.




Naked Binder Contest

Mrs. Nespy’s World has a Naked Binder contest going on.  I really would like to win this prize package because I am always buying vinyl binders that rip down the sides.  Supposedly these Naked Binders are so awesome and durable that they are going to last at least 10 years.  We’ll see.  Or maybe we won’t — depends on if I win or not.

Enter the contest here.